UK Licence Review Discussion Forum

Ofcom-logo-col-tOfcom has now published a statement on the revised Amateur Radio Licence and has also advised that there will be ‘Guidance’ to accompany the licence.

The RSGB has now opened a forum to provide the opportunity to discuss what information would be helpful in that Guidance document.

There may also be questions about implementation of the new license that members wish to be clarified.

The forum is open for your posts at and the original main page at has similarly been updated with the links for the forum and statement.

The forum is the same system as used before (and includes other forums for EMC and Propagation matters), so previous users will not need to re-register.

Murray G6JYB, Spectrum Chair

Anyone, RSGB member or not, can contribute to the discussion on the forum. When you register on the site there is a question at the bottom which says: Verification: Who issues amateur radio licences in the UK? – The answer is Ofcom

RSGB Licence Review Forum

Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence Statement