OGMS-SA CubeSat to provide FM transponder

OGMS-SA CubeSat - Paris-Est Creteil University

OGMS-SA CubeSat – Paris-Est Creteil University

OGMS-SA is a 3U CubeSat being developed by students at the Paris-Est Creteil University as part of the QB50 constellation.

The purposes of this CubeSat include upper atmosphere science; radio communication experiments; technology demonstrator; education, training and outreach.

Additionally it will provide an FM voice transponder for amateur use.

Planning to use VHF uplink and UHF downlink with 9k6 FX25 GMSK modulation. A downlink of 437.545 MHz has been coordinated.

OGMS-SA CubeSat http://www.esep.pro/-CubeSat-OGMS-SA-En-construction-.html

Source IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination http://www.amsat.org.uk/iaru

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