Shin’en2 spacecraft designated as Fuji Oscar 82

Shin'en2 on left - ARTSAT2:DESPATCH on right

Shin’en2 (FO-82) on left – ARTSAT2:DESPATCH (FO-81) on right

William A. (Bill) Tynan, W3XO, OSCAR Number Administrator has conferred on Shin’en2 the designation Fuji OSCAR-82 or FO-82.

Shin'en 2 (FO-82) also known as Abyss 2

Shin’en 2 (FO-82) also known as Abyss 2

In reply to Seiji Fukushima’s, JH6RTO, request for an OSCAR number, Bill said, “I along with all in AMSAT-NA and the world’s Amateur Radio satellite community congratulate you and all involved with Fuji OSCAR-82 and trust that it will fulfill all of its mission objectives. FO-82 joins an illustrious line of Fuji spacecraft built and launched by Japan.”

Shin’en2 is a 17 kg satellite measuring 490×490×475 mm built by students at Kagoshima University in Japan. The aims of the mission were:
• To establish communication technologies with a long range
• To establish a new technology of the ultra-light-weight satellite with UHF downlinks

The orbit is quite different from the previous satellites. Shin’en2 headed to a deep space orbit between Venus and Mars. The inclination is almost zero, which means it will stay in the Earth’s equatorial plane.

The distance from the Sun will be between 0.7 and 1.3 AU. An Astronomical Unit (AU) is 149,597,871 km.

Shin’en2 IARU coordinated frequencies listed as:
• 437.505 MHz CW beacon
• 437.385 MHz Telemetry

Shin’en2 launched in the 4th quarter of 2014 with another amateur radio satellite, ARTSAT2:DESPATCH, on a H-IIA rocket with the asteroid explorer Hayabusa 2 as the main payload.

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