Radio Amateurs invited to test APRS on Duchifat-1

Duchifat-1 Mission PatchDuchifat-1, the Israeli high school students 1U CubeSat launched June 19, 2014, is ready for its first public tests. People with the ability to send Compressed APRS location packets are invited to join the tests.

The satellite will collect these packets worldwide along its flight at 620 km high orbit, and will downlink them from time to time over our ground station in Herzliya/Israel.

Participants are kindly requested to register in advance in order to get their packet identified on the map.

The packets successfully received will be displayed on a map in our Internet site and  QSL cards will be sent via Bureau to the stations registered and recognized. (unfortunately, there is no way we can recognize packets from unregistered stations because the packet is limited to 14 characters at the satellite, so we assign two unique characters to every registered station to enable us to identify them).

Registration can be done at

Also available in that site are operational information about the satellite, and the following documents:

*Configuring TT4 Explanation.doc* – how to use the Byonics TinyTrak4 for generating Compressed APRS packets

*Terms Of Use.doc* – terms and techniques for making the best use of the satellite

There is also Ground station software available for download, written by our students around ISIS space Demodulator software.

We hope many people will find it interesting and enjoyable,

Good luck!

73 from the Herzliya Science Center students and teachers