Tracking & Receiving the LightSail CubeSat

Artists impression of LightSail

Artists impression of LightSail

Jason Davis @jasonrdavis reports that LightSail, call sign KK6HIT, is operational again. Nine beacon packets on 437.435 MHz (AX.25, 9600 bps FSK) were received during 2:14 pm EDT pass on June 6, 2015.

Update: The sail started deploying at 1947 UT on June 7, 2015. A fully deployed sail would result in LightSail’s orbit decaying rapidly and burning up in the atmosphere potentially within a matter of days. Amateur radio operators around the world are encouraged to listen for LightSail and submit data. Details can be found at

If you wish to try catching a glimpse of LightSail as it soars across the sky there are viewing tips at

For the latest information read Jason’s blog on the Planetary Society website

Watch Tracking & Receiving the LightSail CubeSat using the free software Orbitron