Geosynchronous Ham Radio Project Video

A video from the Palomar Amateur Radio Club presents a panel discussion on the AMSAT Phase IV geosynchronous project.

00:00 Introductions
03:00 What is AMSAT Phase IV?? — Overview by Michelle Thompson, W5NYV
Michelle is leading the Phase IV Ground Team
Open source project: RF hardware, antennas, applications, servers, and digital hardware.

05:30 Sponsors and Assistance from AR Clubs, Manufacturers, Universities, and Gov’t Agencies
24:30 Technical Side (How It Works) — Phil Karn, KA9Q
34:30 Downlink (10.45 GHz)
38:30 Uplink (5.6 GHz)
42:00 Black Box
45:00 Question and Answers
57:00 Closing Comments

Watch PARC November Club Meeting – AMSAT Phase IV project


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