HamTV at Goonhilly in TX Factor Show

Noel Matthews G8GTZ explaining Goonhilly's role in receiving HamTV from the ISS

Noel Matthews G8GTZ explaining Goonhilly’s role in receiving HamTV from the ISS

In Episode 10 of the TX Factor Show radio amateur Noel Matthews G8GTZ from the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) talks about reception of the ISS HamTV Digital Amateur Television (DATV) signal at Goonhilly.

Mike Marsh G1IAR returns to his old school in Ottery Saint Mary, Devon to learn how science lessons have changed since he was a lad.

Bob McCreadie G0FGX keeps his feet firmly on the ground at his native Cornwall to see why the letter ‘K’ has been making its presence felt. While he’s there, he visits Goonhilly Earth Station to meet Arthur, the satellite dish that made history in the early 1960s and its modern-day equivalent.

Steve Venner G0TAN shows us the ins and outs of the Yeasu FT-991 all-band transceiver.

And the folks at TX Factor make a plea for help.

Watch TX Factor – Episode 10 (TXF010)

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