The Derby High School to speak to ISS

UK astronaut Tim Peake KG5BVI GB1SS in the ISS Jan 2016

UK astronaut Tim Peake KG5BVI / GB1SS

The Bury Times reports The Derby High School GB1DHS will be one of only two schools in the North West to hold an amateur radio contact with UK astronaut Tim Peake GB1SS. The contact is scheduled for Monday, April 25 at 12:02 GMT (1:02 pm BST).

The newspaper says: The call from The Derby High School to the International Space Station will take place on the week commencing April 25, but because the link is dependent on the exact orbit of the ISS and the crew schedules, the exact dates and times for possible calls will not be known until around 10 days before the link up is scheduled.

The Derby was selected to host a call after applying to take part in the Amateur Radio competition, a collaboration between the UK Space Agency, the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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