ESA announce competition for radio hams

Soyuz VS14 mission patchThe European Space Agency (ESA) Education Office will give a prize to the first three radio amateurs to send a recorded signal from either the AAUSAT4, E-st@r-II or OUFTI-1 CubeSats which are expected to launch Monday, April 25 at 2102 UT.

The launch of the three CubeSats on a Russian Soyuz-STA Fregat-M rocket from Kourou in South America had been planned for Friday but suffered a series of postponements due to bad weather.

Watch the launch live at!_CubeSats_and_Sentinel-1B_launch

Soon after being deployed into their final orbit, the CubeSats will begin transmitting signals to Earth that can be picked up by anyone with common amateur radio equipment. ESA challenges anyone to record the signal and send it to, and to the CubeSat team.

For each CubeSat, the first email received for which the signal is confirmed to belong to the CubeSat will be awarded with the following prizes:
• ESA Fly Your Satellite! poster
• ESA Education goodie bag
• Scale 1:1 3D printed model of a CubeSat

Full details and frequency information are available at!_from_space

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