Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat celebrates University anniversary

Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat - Credit Tomsk Polytechnic University

Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat – Credit Tomsk Polytechnic University

The Russian Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat is different from other CubeSats – it has a handle!

The 3U CubeSat was launched from Baikonur to the ISS on March 31, 2016 in a Progress-MS-2 cargo vessel. It will be deployed by hand during a future Russian spacewalk (EVA), which is why it has a handle.

The satellite was developed by students at the Tomsk Polytechnic University to test new space materials technology and will be the world’s first space vehicle with a 3D-printed structure.

Tomsk-TPU-120 CubeSat Callsign RS4SIn May 2016 Tomsk Polytechnic University celebrates its 120th anniversary. As part of the celebrations from  0755 UT May 10 until 1005 UT May 11 Tomsk-TPU-120 will be activated in the ISS and will transmit a greeting to Earth inhabitants, recorded by students of the university in 10 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Tatar, Indian, Kazakh and Portuguese.

The greeting signal will be transmitted once a minute on 437.025 MHz FM. One of the Kenwood transceivers (TM D700) on the ISS will provide a cross-band relay, re-transmitting the signal on 145.800 MHz FM.

Andy Thomas G0SFJ reports that an image sent to him by Serg RV3DR indicates the call sign of the satellite is RS4S.

Dmitry Pashkov R4UAB reports that on May 5 the Russian ISS crew will charge the satellite battery, connect the antenna and configure the Kenwood transceiver for relay operation, they will then make a test transmission.

Watch Микроспутник ТОМСК ТПУ 120 на МКС

Dmitry operates a WebSDR which you can use to receive the transmissions when the ISS is over Russia

The next Russian spacewalk appears to be EVA-43 which expected to take place in early 2017

Use Google translator to read original article by Dmitry Pashkov R4UAB

World’s First 3D-printed Satellite