GK4LOH received over 3467 km on 144 MHz

International Space Station ISS 2011

International Space Station – Image Credit NASA

A reflection from the structure of the International Space Station enabled a 144.175 MHz signal from Tim GK4LOH in Cornwall to cross the Atlantic.

The YouTube description reads:

02:40 UTC May 24th 2016 ISS Flypast. Signal heard 2 minutes 45 into the recording and continues for over a minute. The transmitted message was “GK4LOH GK4LOH T T T T T T T T T T”

As soon as ISS set in GN37 I stepped outside the shack and watched as the ISS fly right over here 🙂 Recorded by Frank VO1HP using the remote receiver beacon VO1FN.

Watch GK4LOH IO70jc reception at VO1FN GN37jr 3467km 144.175MHz ISS flypast

GK4LOH Blog http://www.g4loh.com/

The RSGB VHF Manager John Regnault G4SWX has received a Canadian station on 144 MHz which on investigation was also found to be by ISS reflection, see