India launches ham radio satellites

Swayam-1 CubeSat Flight Model - Credit COEP

Swayam-1 CubeSat Flight Model – Credit COEP

On June 22, 2016 the Indian Space Agency ISRO successfully launched several satellites carrying amateur radio payloads.

The CSAT Swayam satellite was one of those launched. The 1U CubeSat carries a digital store and forward messaging system for use by the amateur radio community.

Rupesh Lad VU2LRD / VU2COE from the College of Engineering Pune CSAT Team says:

“We are eagerly waiting for your reception report of CW Morse Beacon at 437.025 MHz. You can also get the decoded Beacon Data by entering beacon in Swayam Beacon Decoder available on our website.”

The post launch TLEs for tracking the satellite are at

Download the COEP Swayam Leaflet PDF

Frequencies of other satellites on the launch

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