Amateur Satellites at BATC Convention Sept 24-25

BATC Logo SmallCAT 16, the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) Convention at Cosford in Shropshire Sat/Sun Sept 24/25 will be streamed live.

The talks program and agenda for the weekend has now been published and amateur space communications feature in the schedule, highlights include:

• Es’hailSat-2: Geostationary transponder for DATV – Graham G3VZV
• Receiving and Presenting HamTV from the ISS – Noel G8GTZ
• New BATC Streamer and Internet Presence – Phil M0DNY
• DATV Express and Future Developments – Charles G4GUO
• 146 MHz Reduced Bandwidth TV: A Practical Operators Guide – Shaun G8VPG
• MinitiounePro and Developments – Jean-Pierre F6DZP

The full program is at

BATC CAT16 live streaming starts 1300 BST Saturday

Please also remember that the BATC Biennial General Meeting is at 1:30 pm on the Sunday.  The Agenda is at

All this in a venue with many other interesting exhibits.
See more at
A guided tour will be available for those who have pre-booked.

Please register your intention to attend (and request a guided tour) using the BATC Shop (no charge at this stage, but £10/day on arrival).  Click here and select cash payment of £0.00.

Lastly, we are  pleased to announce that Graham Shirville, G3VZV, has been chosen as the next President of the British Amateur Television Club (BATC).  He succeeds Peter Blakeborough, G3PYB, who died last December.  The appointment is for two years.

Looking forward to seeing you all at CAT16.

73 The BATC Team

The book – Getting Started with Amateur Satellites – is now available from the AMSAT-UK shop at