UK student balloon crosses Pacific

UBSEDS18 Solar Powered Balloon

UBSEDS18 Solar Powered Balloon

The UK balloon UBSEDS18 carrying payloads for APRS and 434 MHz has successfully crossed the Pacific, on the same day a USA amateur radio APRS balloon crossed the Atlantic.

The solar powered UBSEDS18 was developed by students from Bristol University and launched on Wednesday, August 17. Since then it has traveled in an easterly direction for 20,252 km completing the Pacific crossing on Thursday, September 1, 2016.


The amateur radio APRS balloon CNSP30 was launched from California on August 25 and on September 1 crossed the coast of northern France. Its APRS signal was receivable across central and southern England.


Richard Meadows M0SBU, who worked on the development of UBSEDS18, took the amateur radio training courses run by the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) at Danbury in Essex. Further information on the courses is available from the CARS Training Coordinator, Christopher G0IPU
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