LO-94 spacecraft signal decoded after bouncing off Moon

SSDV image of Moon and Earth taken by LO94 (DSLWP-B) - Credit Cees Bassa

SSDV image of Moon and Earth taken by LO-94 (DSLWP-B) – Credit Cees Bassa

Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ / M0HXM reports decoding a JT4G amateur radio signal from the LO-94 (DSLWP-B) spacecraft that was reflected off the Moon.

Daniel says “JT4G is a digital mode designed for Earth-Moon-Earth microwave communications, so it is tolerant to high Doppler spreads. However, the reflections of the [DSLWP-B] B0 transmitter at 435.4 MHz, which contained the JT4G transmissions, were very weak, so I had not attempted to decode the JT4G Moonbounce signal.”

However, by analysing a recording made on October 19, 2018 at 17:53:35 GMT he was able to decode one of the five JT4G transmissions in the recording.

Read his blog post at https://destevez.net/2018/10/dslwp-b-jt4g-decoded-via-moonbounce/

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The DSLWP amateur radio satellites built by students from the Harbin Institute of Technology was launched to Lunar orbit on May 20, 2018