ISS SSTV in late December

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) logoThe ARISS team will be supporting Slow Scan TV (SSTV) operations from the International Space Station during the period of December 26-31.

The images will be related to lunar exploration. The transmissions should be available worldwide on 145.800 MHz FM. The planned SSTV mode is PD 120.

Planned start and stop times are currently listed as:
Start – Dec 26 about 18:25 GMT
Stop – Dec 31 about 17:05 GMT

The signal should be receivable even on a handheld with a 1/4 wave whip. If your rig has selectable FM filters try the wider filter for 25 kHz channel spacing.

In this video Randy Hall K7AGE shows you how to receive Slow Scan TV (SSTV) images from the International Space Station (ISS).

Several times a year SSTV images are sent from the ISS. In December 2021 from the 26th through the 31st SSTV images will be transmitted.

A simple two-meter amateur radio, or scanner, is able to receive the signal on 145.800 MHz. You can receive the signal using the antenna on an HT, mobile antenna, or a vertical antenna mounted outside.

I show you how to learn when the ISS will be in the range of your station.
Heavens-Above is a good website to use and it will generate a list of passes for your station.

To decode the SSTV signal you will need software on a computer or portable device. I show MMSSTV on my Windows computer decoding the SSTV signal. I also show decoding SSTV on my iPad.

Watch How to receive SSTV images from the ISS

After you receive your ISS images, you may apply for a certificate at –

K7AGE video of SSTV sample transmissions

K7AGE video shows how to build a simple 2 meter antenna

Heavens Above





Check the ARISS SSTV blog for the latest information


You can get predictions for the ISS pass times at

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