XW-3 (CAS-9) Satellite Launch December 26

XW-3 (CAS-9) satellite

The CAMSAT XW-3 (CAS-9) satellite carrying a 145/435 linear transponder was launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 03:11:31 GMT on December 26, 2021.

XW-3(CAS-9) satellite was piggybacked on the rocket with primary payload ZY-1(02E) satellite. The satellite orbit is a circular sun-synchronous orbit with an altitude of 770.1 kilometers and an inclination of 98.58 degrees, the running cycle is 100.14 minutes.

The functions of XW-3(CAS-9) satellite include UHF CW telemetry beacon, GMSK telemetry data transmission, V/U mode linear transponder, a visible light band space camera and an experimental thermoelectric generator for high school students.

Deployment from the launcher took place at 98.858° east longitude and 28.413° north latitude at 03:35:58 GMT, location close to Western Australia. The amateur radio CW beacon and GMSK telemetry signals were activated approximately 38 seconds after the satellite separated from the launch vehicle, and the linear transponder was switched on approximately 49 seconds later.

Download the XW-3 (CAS-9) Amateur Radio Satellite User’s Manual V1.11

Download the XW-3 (CAS-9) Amateur Radio Satellite Launch Time Sequence


Doppler measurements show that XW 3 (CAS 9) is object 50466 (2021-131B).

Frequency CW beacon: 435.57515 MHz.

1 50466U 21131B   21361.15310929 -.00000045  00000-0  00000+0 0  9991
2 50466  98.5981  73.3722 0003165 299.3678  60.7297 14.38435478   149

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