AMSAT-India Launch YouTube Channel

AMSAT-India have launched their own YouTube channel. Current videos include an update on the activities and future plans for Amateur Radio satellites from India and a presentation on telemetry decoding.

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Italian Microsat to Deploy Amateur Radio Satellites

UniSat-5 with labelsThe Italian microsat UniSat-5 will itself deploy a number of additional amateur radio satellites. Among them should be the CubeSats PUCP-SAT-1, HumSat-D, Icube-1, Dove-4 (Planet Labs Inc. non-amateur) and PocketQubes Wren, Eagle-1 (BeakerSat), Eagle-2 ($50Sat), QB-Scout1. PUCP-SAT-1 intends to subsequently release a further satellite Pocket-PUCP.

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Student Amateur Radio Satellites on Vega

Artists impression of Vega launch

Artists impression of Vega launch

Vega is planned to launch on Monday, February 13, between 1000-1300 UT from the ESA launch site at Kourou in the Caribbean. It will carry eight student built amateur radio satellites comprising seven CubeSats and a microsatellite called ALMASat-1.

ALMASat-1 – University of Bologna, Italy
437.465 MHz 1200 bps FSK and 2407.850 MHz

e-st@r – Politecnico di Torino, Italy
437.445 MHz 1200 bps AFSK

Goliat – University of Bucharest, Romania
437.485 MHz 1200 bps AFSK

MaSat-1 – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
437.345 MHz GFSK 625/1250 bps, CW

PW-Sat1 – Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
There are 5 modes of operation on the 145.900 MHz downlink:
– Receive only – no downlink
– CW Beacon CW – On-Off Keying (OOK) CW 12 WPM
– BPSK Beacon – BPSK 1200 bps AX25 (1 frame on 20 sec)
– Control communication mode. Downlink BPSK 1200 bps AX25
– Voice Repeater mode (aka “AO-16” mode) – uplink 435.020 MHz FM and downlink 145.900 MHz DSB

Robusta – University of Montpellier 2, France
437.325 MHz? (website says now 437.350 MHz) 1200 bps FM telemetry with one data burst of 20 secs every 1 min

UNICubeSAT -University of Rome, Italy
437.305MHz 9600 bps FSK

XaTcobeo – Universidade de Vigo, Spain
437.365 MHz FFSK with AX.25

Watch the launch live at

The student teams have requested reception reports. All observers are being encouraged to join the CubeSat IRC chat channel to pass on their news and comments in realtime. You will need an IRC client such as ChatZilla for Firefox or mIRC to join the cubesat chat. Use the server. Then join the #cubesat channel. Many users set their chat nickname to “name_callsign”.

Preliminary Vega TLE’s (KEPS) for launch at 1000, 1100 and 1200 UT here

Assuming a 1000 UT launch the satellites should deploy their antennas and start transmitting at about 1140 UT. It looks like the first to get good reception will be Central America followed quickly by a pass up the East coast of North America. The first pass for the United Kingdom should be a horizon skimmer across the NW at around 1207 UT.

Vega Elliptical Orbit Video

N2YO Real Time Satellite Tracking

Satscape Satellite Tracking Software 

IZ8BLY Vox Recoder

Free Sound Recorder

For the latest information on newly launched satellites check the AMSAT Bulletin Board (AMSAT-BB)

AMSAT-NA AGM Available on EchoLink

The 2011 AMSAT-NA Annual General Meeting will be broadcast on EchoLink node 101377 on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 beginning about 2215 UTC.

The Annual Meeting is being held in conjunction with the AMSAT Symposium in San Jose, CA from Nov. 4-5, 2011 and is scheduled to last one hour and forty-five minutes.

To hear it connect to the AMSAT Conference server [node 101377] which should accommodate 100 users.

AMSAT EchoLink Conference

Working the FM Amateur Radio Satellites

An Amateur Radio Satellite activity and instruction video by the Hams in Space Team at Bennett Spring State Park, Missouri.

Watch Ham and Fish, Amateur Radio Satellites by Hams in Space

Hams in Space

Working the FM satellites Power Point

Getting started on Amateur Radio Satellites PDF

VI6CHOGM on Amateur Radio Satellites

VI6CHOGM, celebrating the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth Oct 28-30, will be active on the amateur radio satellites SO-50 and AO-51.

Adam VK2YK writes:

Below are the passes this weekend that I’ll be active on with the special event callsign VI6CHOGM. All dates and times are in UTC.

Friday 28 OCT 11
SO-50 – 0530
SO-50 – 0710
AO-51 – 0714
AO-51 – 0852

Saturday 29 OCT 11
SO-50 – 0559
AO-51 – 0636
SO-50 – 0739
AO-51 – 0812

Sunday 30 OCT 11
SO-50 – 0627
AO-51 – 0733
SO-50 – 0808
AO-51 – 0912

Hope to hear you on the birds this weekend. Check out for more info on freqs being used.


Adam VK2YK