UK to get Kickstarter crowd-sourced funding

A KickSat Sprite Satellite

The crowd-sourced funding website Kickstarter, which has been used for amateur radio projects in the USA, is to launch in the UK this autumn.

Radio ham Zac Manchester KD2BHC used Kickstarter to raise $74,586 in donations to fund the development and deployment of over a hundred amateur radio KickSat sprite satellites.

The amateur radio satellite project ArduSat managed to raise donations of $80,379 in just 26 days.

Kickstarter is not just about raising large sums of money, for example Sandy Antunes used Kickstarter to raise $2,780 to buy a ham radio transceiver and antennas to create an amateur radio satellite ground station Calliope

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KARI CanSat at Korean Education Exhibition Fair

At the Education Exhibition Fair held in the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) young people where able to take part in making a CanSat.

The CanSat was then launched on a helium balloon and transmitted back video pictures.

Watch KARI CanSat (in Korean)

Hams Asked To Help Encourage Home Construction

Diane Bruce VA3DB

Diane Bruce VA3DB

The AMSAT News Service reports that Diane Bruce, VA3DB, is asking radio amateurs to help with a new website and mailing list devoted to home construction projects.

If you are currently a ham radio builder, or interested in becoming one, the Hamradio-builder mailing list has been created with you in mind.

Diane Bruce VA3DB says of the list, “A recent look at some old 73 Magazines brought to mind the simple projects this magazine produced. So my thought was to do something similar, but meant for the web instead of dead tree. I am not talking a full fledged magazine, but a website where we can put simple beginner type articles, with copious photos and good instructions. We hope it will become a bit like Maker Magazine but for the radio amateur.”

A few of us have written and edited amateur radio articles. She is proposing for the moment that we clean up or write a few articles suitable for beginners to start the content for this community.

List members have already proposed topics on homebrew test equipment, and antennas. Amateur radio satellite operators have skill and many ideas, construction projects, and techniques to get beginners on-the-air at VHF, UHF, and microwave frequencies.

The project is just getting started. If you are interested in joining this community you can sign up for the list at:

Watch the video – The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio
A Hi-Res 480 MB version of the DIY Magic DVD can be downloaded from
73 Magazine PDF’s from 1960-2003 can be downloaded from
Make Magazine article

Electronic home construction (DIY) is undergoing a boom with Maker and Hacker groups springing up everywhere. Hackspaces are places where people meet up to carry out constructional projects, see