MinXSS and CADRE CubeSats ISS Deployment

University of Michigan CADRE CubeSat

University of Michigan CADRE CubeSat

The MinXSS and CADRE CubeSats, both carrying amateur radio payloads, are set to be deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) on May 16, 2016 between 1000-1100 UT.

MinXSS will be beaconing in the UHF at 437.345 MHz every 9 seconds and will initially be in an orbit very similar to the ISS. We’ll get the TLE identifier in JSpOC labeled ASAP. The CADRE team may send out an email with their frequency information as well. [IARU has coordinated 437.485 MHz and 3.404 GHz for CADRE]

If you hear the MinXSS beacons, we would greatly appreciate it if you’d email us (me and those cc’d) to let us know. We’re still working on beacon decode/forward software that would bring you more in the loop.

For those interested, MinXSS is a science mission to study soft x-ray spectra from the sun. We’ll also be the first to fly the very popular Blue Canyon Technologies XACT attitude determination and control system.

Thanks for your help!

James Paul Mason, PhD
Postdoctoral research associate
MinXSS grad student lead turned co-investigator
University of Colorado at Boulder
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

MinXSS CubeSat http://lasp.colorado.edu/home/minxss/

CADRE CubeSat http://exploration.engin.umich.edu/blog/?page_id=961

CADRE video – Meet an Aerospace Engineering Student: Prince Kuevor