Ofcom considers 10.475 GHz and 47 GHz bands for 5G

Ofcom-logo-col-tThe Amateur Satellite Service allocations at 10.475 GHz  and 47.0 GHz are being considered by Ofcom for 5G use .

Ofcom has published an update on spectrum bands above 6 GHz that might be suitable for next generation mobile, often referred to as ‘5G’ – the fifth generation of mobile services.

This document summarises responses from Ofcom’s earlier Call for Input in January and sets out their current views on bands and next steps. The update identifies several bands in different parts of the 6 – 100 GHz range, including 10.475-10.575 GHz and 47.000-47.200 GHz, they believe are candidates for further study for use in the UK.

Ofcom’s goal is to have globally harmonised bands for next generation mobile services and is currently engaging with other administrations around the world, ahead of these services becoming commercially available in the next five to six years.

Consideration of these bands will now be taken forward in forthcoming international discussions, including the World Radiocommunication Conference-15 (WRC-15) at which the scope of a future WRC-19 agenda item on bands above 6 GHz will be considered.

This does not guarantee these bands will be adopted in the future and Ofcom do not rule out considering other options ahead of WRC-15, pending further research and development.

Ofcom Above 6 GHz consultation page

Laying the foundations for next generation mobile services: Update on bands above 6 GHz

Quotient Associates – 5G Candidate Band Study

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Notice of Variation to UK Amateur Radio Licence

Ofcom-logo-col-tOfcom have announced that following representations they are restoring the 75.875-76.0 GHz Amateur and Amateur-Satellite allocation to Primary status in the new amateur radio licence which comes into effect on April 7, 2015.

The Ofcom licensing updates page says:

Following the recent notification sent to licensees of our proposal to vary the Amateur Radio Licence, Ofcom now publishes a Notice of Variation to the Amateur Radio licence.

Licensees who received a notification dated 30th January are not covered by this. Their licences will be the subject of a separate Notice, which we shall publish in the course of the next couple of weeks.

The new licence document, which will have effect from 7 April 2015 has been published on our website, at

The Notice of Variation along with Annex A and B can be downloaded from

A number of changes have been made to the licence proposals originally announced December 5, 2014, these are detailed in Annex B.

It is understood that examinations will continue to be based on old licence terms until October 2015, since any exam changes are subject to a six month notice period.

Read the RSGB report at

RSGB respond to Ofcom 5G consultation

Ofcom-logo-col-tThe RSGB have responded to the Ofcom Call for Input on Spectrum above 6 GHz for future mobile communications (5G) consultation.

The range of frequencies Ofcom are considering included the Primary amateur and amateur-satellite allocation at 47-47.2 GHz.

Read the RSGB response at

Ofcom consultation on spectrum above 6 GHz

RSGB respond to Ofcom UHF review

Ofcom-logo-col-tThe RSGB has responded to the Ofcom call for inputs to the strategic review of the 420-470 MHz spectrum.

The review includes the key Amateur 430-440 MHz and Amateur-Satellite 435-438 MHz allocations.

The consultation had been due to close on February 19 but was extended to February 26 to give more time for responses.

Read the RSGB response http://rsgb.org/main/files/2015/02/RSGB_UHF-Review_response.pdf

Ofcom: 420-470 MHz Consultation

Sharon White appointed Ofcom Chief Executive

Sharon White CEO of UK communications regulator Ofcom

Sharon White CEO of UK communications regulator Ofcom – Image credit HM Treasury

The Board of the UK communication regulator Ofcom  has announced the appointment of Sharon White as Chief Executive.

Sharon will join Ofcom in late March 2015 from HM Treasury, where she is Second Permanent Secretary.

In this role Sharon is the lead official responsible for managing the UK’s public finances, a position she has held since November 2013. Before that she served as Director General, Public Spending at HM Treasury.

An economics graduate, Sharon has 25 years’ experience in the public sector and Government, starting with spells in Washington, the No 10 Policy Unit, and the World Bank. Sharon later worked in the Department for International Development, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Ministry of Justice and the Treasury.

Ofcom Chair, Dame Patricia Hodgson, said: “Sharon brings with her an outstanding combination of intellect, political acumen and experience leading complex public organisations.

“The Ofcom Board is confident that Sharon will provide the leadership and vision to ensure Ofcom continues to promote a thriving communications sector in the UK that operates in the public interest.”

Sharon White said: “The communications sector is vital to the economy and delivers essential services to everyone in the UK. I look forward to starting in this fascinating job and building on Ofcom’s considerable track record.”

UK Licence Review Discussion Forum

Ofcom-logo-col-tOfcom has now published a statement on the revised Amateur Radio Licence and has also advised that there will be ‘Guidance’ to accompany the licence.

The RSGB has now opened a forum to provide the opportunity to discuss what information would be helpful in that Guidance document.

There may also be questions about implementation of the new license that members wish to be clarified.

The forum is open for your posts at http://forums.thersgb.org/implementation and the original main page at http://rsgb.org/licencereview has similarly been updated with the links for the forum and statement.

The forum is the same system as used before (and includes other forums for EMC and Propagation matters), so previous users will not need to re-register.

Murray G6JYB, Spectrum Chair

Anyone, RSGB member or not, can contribute to the discussion on the forum. When you register on the site there is a question at the bottom which says: Verification: Who issues amateur radio licences in the UK? – The answer is Ofcom

RSGB Licence Review Forum

Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence Statement