1st Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop

The 1st Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop takes place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 29-30 May, 2012

iCubeSat, the Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop, will address the technical challenges, opportunities, and practicalities of space exploration with CubeSats.

The workshop will provide a unique environment for open practical collaboration between academic researchers, industry professionals, policy makers, and students developing this new and rapidly growing field.

Talks and round tables will focus on three themes: technology, science, and open collaboration.

Keynote speakers

Technology: Mason Peck, NASA, Chief Technologist

Science: Sara Seager KB1WTW, MIT, Professor of Physics and Planetary Science

The program will also include unconference sessions to provide additional opportunities to engage with the interplanetary CubeSat community and potential collaborators. Talks and supporting material will be streamed and posted on the conference website. A lively social program in and around summertime Boston will be arranged for participants and their guests.

Further information on the event website – http://icubesat.wordpress.com/

UK space environments conference


UK Space Agency logoDuring the summer a number of UK institutions currently active or interested in space biomedicine research and education formally agreed to collaborate in order to identify and pursue a national strategy for space biomedicine research and development.

“UK Research & Education for Space & Terrestrial Benefit”

The UK Space Biomedicine Association invites students, professionals and the general public to the first UK Space Environments Conference in Aberdeen, 16 – 17 June, 2012. This is the only conference where representatives from UK organisations actively engaged in fields such as Space Biomedicine, Exobiology, Astrochemistry and Microgravity-physics will collectively meet to aid the development of space environments research and education in the UK. The meeting represents a unique opportunity to:

  • Showcase current activities related to research and education in the space environment.
  • Interact and collaborate with pioneers & colleagues from numerous disciplines involved in R&D associated with aspects of the space environment.
  • Contribute to and learn about the development of a national UK space biomedicine strategy.

Keynote speakers will include Dr Jeff Davis, Director of NASA space life science and medical operations.

Venue: Satrosphere Science Centre, 179 Constitution Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5TU
Dates: 16-17th June 2012
Early Registration fee: Professionals- £81, Student tickets- £57, before 1 April 2012.

For more details visit the UK Space Biomedicine Association website.

Colloquium 2011 – Call For Speakers

This is the first call for speakers for the AMSAT-UK Colloquium 2011 which will be held from Saturday, July 30 to Sunday, July 31 2011.

AMSAT-UK invite speakers, about amateur radio space and associated activities, for this event. They are also invited to submit papers for the “Proceedings” document which will be published at the same time but printed papers are not mandatory. We normally prefer authors to present talks themselves rather than having someone else give them in the authors’ absence. We also welcome “unpresented” papers for the Proceedings document.

Offers of talks should be submitted as soon as possible; the final date for full documents to be received is late-June 2009 in order that the “Proceedings” document be available to participants.

Submissions should be sent *ONLY* to G4DPZ, via the following routes:

e-mail: david dot johnson at blackpepper dot co dot uk

SnailMail: QTHR from www.QRZ.com

AMSAT-UK also invite anyone with requests for Program Topics to submit them as soon as possible to G4DPZ. Invitations for any papers on specific subjects will be included in the future call. Likewise if anyone knows of a good speaker, please send contact and other information to G4DPZ.