CubeSat docking planned with Kinect technology

It’s an informal conclusion, of course. But the story of Surrey’s plan to dock CubeSats using Microsoft’s Kinect technology is certainly making the rounds, appearing in traditional places like Satnews and Flightglobal, as well as consumer electronic sources such as Gizmagodo and general news sites like the BBC.

The Kinect-enabled STRaND-2 is the sister craft to the previously announced STRaND-1, which uses smartphone tech.

Developing technology that could be used to separately launch the parts of a much larger craft that would be configured on orbit might bring those larger craft, and more ambitious goals, within reach of the CubeSat community.

It’s been a while since any news was forthcoming, but Cornell has also proposed using CubeSats to test reconfigurable technology that uses “flux-pinning” (video) to achieve similar goals.

Here’s to their success.




Satpack: Arduino satellite tracking and doppler tuning

The Satpack is an ATmega328 controlled satellite tracker with doppler tuning. To calculate the position of the satellite, they use qrpTracker, which is an Arduino friendly program based on James Miller’s Pan-13. Next, the Arduino tunes the radio to listen to the transmitted Morse code. Amazing! It’s open source, so check out the link for a lot more information on building your own Satpack.

Here’s a video of the Satpack code tracking a few satellites. Note that the tone of the cubesat drifts a bit. The keps were a bit old, but in a addition, I just got a letter from James Miller, the author of Plan 13 who recommends some constants that are more in keeping with the earth model used in today’s GPS engines.

AMSAT-UK FUNcube Dongle receiving HORYU-2 Satellite (video)

Decoding using FUNcube Dongle, MixW2 and the HORYU-2 Data Analysis software

Published on Jun 3, 2012 by

HORYU-2 Telemetry Competition

Listen to HORYU-2 on the Web

Further information on HORYU-2 is at

HORYU-2 CW Telemetry Decoder by DK3WN

AMSAT-UK FUNcube Yahoo Group

iCubeSat 2012 presentations and video

The 1st Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop presentations and videos can be found Here

At the end of a busy week, we have finally finished processing all the presentations and video captured from the live streaming. You can view all the talks, posters and supporting sessions by clicking on the items of interest listed in the updated program here. High quality video will follow next week as soon as we receive the master tapes.

OSSI at 2012 Cubesat Developers’ Workshop

2012 CubeSat Developers’ Workshop - Image Credit Kim Hyoungju

After 4th time going to the workshop, OSSI finally made to present the work at 2012 Cubesat Developers’ Workshop.

Here is the published version of presentation slides:

And you can see the video of OSSI presentation here:
Cubesat Live Streaming Recorded

Had good feedback and advice while at the workshop. Thank you everyone.
OSSI will def. come back after the first launch!!

Open Source Satellite Initiative (OSSI)

OSSI CubeSat – Ground Station Video

OSSI Art CubeSat to Launch in August

Receiving PRISM CW satellite beacon with FUNcube Dongle Pro


This video demonstrates the AMSAT-UK FUNcube dongle pro receiving
CW signals from PRISM.

The You Tube video has the following comment by the publisher

“I was only using a vertical VHF/UHF antenna hooked up to the FUNcube Dongle Pro. Software is SDR-Radio and HRD Satellite Tracker, both by Simon HB9DRV”

You can purchase the FUNcube dongle pro HERE