WRAPS Antenna Rotor System Introduction

WRAPS Portable Satellite Antenna Rotator System - Copyright ARRL

WRAPS Portable Satellite Antenna Rotator System – Copyright ARRL

In the first of four videos, Mark Spencer, WA8SME, explains the operation of the amateur radio WRAPS antenna rotor system.

The WRAPS system points a lightweight antenna towards a passing amateur radio satellite (or weather or other satellite), facilitating the capture of telemetry or participation in conversations via satellite.

The remaining three WRAPS videos demonstrate the operation of WRAPS to capture telemetry from the FUNcube satellite using the SatPC32 software and the FUNcube Dashboard.

Watch WRAPS Antenna Rotor System Introduction Video 1

Watch WRAPS Setup for a Pass Video 2

WRAPS FUNCube Pass Video 3

WRAPS FUNCube Telemetry Overview Video 4

Thanks to the ARRL and WA8SME a PDF of the QST article on the WRAPS antenna rotor system can be downloaded from

Other satellite videos are available on the AMSAT-NA YouTube channel at