KySat-2 CubeSat plans to fly Summer 2013

KySat-2 (K2) is a 1U CubeSat to fulfill the education and public outreach mission of the original KySat-1 CubeSat that was lost during a launch vehicle failure of ELaNa I and accompanying NASA GLORY mission.

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FITSAT-1 LEDs to Flash Morse Code over USA and Europe

Artistic impression of FITSAT-1 signaling in Morse code

On December 12-13 FITSAT-1 will be using its optical LED beacon to flash a message in Morse Code over the USA and the British Isles/Europe which should be visible using binoculars.

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Government delays response to Reform of the Outer Space Act 1986 consultation

A statement on the UK Space Agency (UKSA) site says:

Due to the range of views received during the Reform of the Outer Space Act 1986 consultation the Government response has been delayed.

We hope to be in a position to publish it during the first half of 2013.

Further details will be posted in due course.

The Outer Space Act covers all UK satellites irrespective of size, from tiny low cost educational CubeSats up to large commercial £500 million satellites.

The key aspects of the consultation are the proposals to waive the capped liability and insurance requirement for in-orbit operation of any satellite that meets the criteria of a CubeSat and to remove the requirement for unlimited indemnity from satellite operators.

The existing Outer Space Act imposes heavy additional costs (>£50,000 per annum) on those wishing to launch small educational CubeSats. The additional costs act as a major deterrent and to-date no such UK CubeSat has been launched.

Reform of the Outer Space Act 1986: Consultation

Pictures released of UKube-1 CubeSat

Clyde Space have released pictures showing the progress of UKube-1 as they prepare the satellite for a Soyuz launch planned for March 2013.

UKube-1 is the UK Space Agency’s first CubeSat and plans to carry an amateur radio 435/145 MHz linear transponder developed by AMSAT-UK.

Last year as part of the UKube-1 project and a student project at Cornell, the deployable solar panels were on a zero-G flight.

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Videos of the Amateur Radio CubeSat FUNcube-1

Flight and Engineering Models of FUNcube-1 with FUNcube-2 boards

A collection of videos have been released showing work on the FUNcube-1 spacecraft that is aiming to launch on a DNEPR from Yasny with 17 other satellites carrying amateur radio payloads in the first half of 2013.

The videos include a time-lapse of FUNcube-1 flight integration in the ISIS clean-room.
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First picture from FITSAT-1 on 5840.0 MHz

First picture from FITSAT-1 on 5840.0 MHz showing the solar panels on the ISS

When the FITSAT-1 CubeSat was deployed from the International Space Station on October 4 it took a picture using the on-board camera. On Friday, October 19 UT, the team successfully downloaded the picture using the high-speed 115.2 kbps data transmitter on 5840.0 MHz.

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